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All successful businesses have a strong focus on its brand. Whether its on their website, emails or order confirmations. It’s vital that all your digital assets all have the same domain name. We’ll help you find the perfect domain that you’ll love.

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ExtensionPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price$22.951$22.95$22.95$49.201$49.20$49.20$22.951$22.95$22.95$22.951$22.95$22.95
ExtensionPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price$13.951$13.95$13.95
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Can’t find the domain extension you’re looking for? Try searching for it at the top – our system has a wide range of domains to choose from.

Instant Registrations

Most of our domains will be activated instantly after payment. Less time waiting, more time creating.

Anycast DNS

Our complimentary Anycast DNS is located in over 21 locations. Complete redundancy and fast resolutions


Forward and redirect your domain to another domain. Organise your brand before someone else does.

ID Protection

Our ID Protection ensures that your personal information is not stored with the WHOIS file.

How To Restore Your Website

How To Restore Your Website

It’s always best to restore both your website files and the associated database.   To restore the website files: 1. Log in to your cPanel

Hourly Backups

Hourly Backups

Data corruption and catastrophic system failures are always a danger when it comes to running personal or commercial servers, especially if they host important databases.

How To Do A Full cPanel Account Backup

How To Do A Full cPanel Account Backup

It’s important to regularly backup your data. We recommend completing a full cPanel account backup every month. Ready to get started? Follow our simple steps

24/7 Australian Ticket Support. Here to help all day, every day.

DreamIT is a proudly Australian owned & operated. This means our awesome customer support team are located in Melbourne. Whatever you need, we’ll help sort it out.

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