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Reseller Hosting Packages Perfect for Design Agencies

Jul 31, 2020

Reseller Hosting Packages Perfect for Design Agencies

Reseller Hosting Packages by DreamIT Host

Owning a business nowadays comes with mandatory website hosting. DreamIT Host is the go-to Australian provider for Reseller Hosting packages and offers perfectly tailored plans for design agencies. Most importantly, there is a hosting plan fit for any business, big or small — no matter the budget.


Web Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

Freelance designers might get away with using Web Hosting plans. However, that is not the case for design agencies. They need to demonstrate professionalism, which is hard to do when they share an IP with hundreds of other websites.


Why You Should Go With DreamIT Host

As a company that prides itself in its high-quality customer service, DreamIT Host aims to be the best provider of Reseller Hosting packages in Australia. To that end, we offer excellent 24/7 customer support and FREE website migrations.

What’s more, all of DreamIT Host’s Reseller Hosting plans come with various bonuses, such as unlimited bandwidth and email accounts, self-service hourly backups, and many more.


Business Reseller Hosting

Business Reseller Hosting is a fantastic plan for smaller design agencies. Coming at $89.95AUD per month, it offers various features that enhance the user experience and allow for better performance:

  • 80GB RAID NVMe Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 80 cPanel Accounts
  • Powered by WHM, LiteSpeed & CloudLinux
  • 2GB Memory Limit + 100% (1 core) CPU Limit
  • I/O Speed 5 MB/s
  • Self Service Hourly Backups (30 Days)
  • Blesta licence provided upon request
  • Free SSL on all cPanel accounts


Business 150GB Reseller Hosting

Similarly, Business 150GB Reseller Hosting offers the same services, with even more storage and additional cPanel accounts. To be precise, you get 150GB RAID NVMe Storage instead of 80GB and 150 cPanel Accounts instead of 80, as opposed to the original plan. For $109.95AUD per month, it’s suitable for any design agency, no matter how big or small it is.


Business 200GB Reseller Hosting

For $149.95AUD per month, the Business 200GB is a steal. It is essentially an upgraded version of the Business 150. For instance, Business 200GB offers an extra 50GB of storage (200GB storage instead of 150GB) and more cPanel accounts (200 instead of 150). So, no matter if you have a big design agency or a rapidly-growing one, this plan is going to deliver.


Business 300GB Reseller Hosting

Perfect for bigger design agencies, Business 300GB comes at $209.95AUD per month. For that price point, it offers the maximum storage and number of cPanel accounts available. As opposed to Business Reseller Hosting, this plan provides 300GB of Storage and 200 cPanel Accounts.  In other words, this plan is as good as it gets.

No matter how big or small your design agency is, (at least) one of these plans is sure to meet all of your hosting needs. With a dedicated year-round support team and tons of extra features for designers, client satisfaction is a guarantee. So, if you’re looking for the best Reseller Hosting packages in Australia, look no further — DreamIT Host is the perfect fit for you!


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