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Good Web Design

Good web design: what to look for!

Good web design is not only about making a page appear pretty. It is very important that your website represents your own brand, but also your own audience. You need to appeal to the target audience you cater to, as well as finding a way to make their time on your website as enjoyable as possible. Nobody likes a frustrating website that is slow, cluttered with stuff or hard to navigate. Regardless of your business niche, here are some key elements that define good website design.

– Declutter: keep your website simple and easy to access. Don’t overdo it with a dozen of menu options or links.
– Color combinations. Some websites are an absolute disaster in terms of color combinations. Take inspirations from the pros and use very minimal color combinations, which are more user-friendly and easier to navigate for your audience.

– Avoid flashing things and too many animations: Some website owners love to load their websites with flickering dots, moving pictures, GIFs and additional screens. These elements can be distracting and they should be used with caution, if used at all!

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