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DreamIT Host vs Microsoft Outlook

Jan 05, 2021

DreamIT Host vs Microsoft Outlook

DreamIT Host or Microsoft Outlook — Who Offers Australia’s Best Email Hosting?

Australian businesses spend a lot of money boosting their brand and exposure online. Aside from a website and social media presence, domain-associated business email addresses are necessary for such marketing. The most commonly used email clients are Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook.

DreamIT Host is an Australian provider of small and large business email hosting services. The web and email hosting plans from DreamIT Host are not only some of the most affordable, but also provide a range of features and dedicated customer service.

Below is a comparison between the Australian email hosting services offered by DreamIT Host and the popular Microsoft Outlook plans for Australian customers.


Get Value for Money

The Startup Email Hosting plan from DreamIT Host starts at $2.97* per month and offers up to 5 email accounts. With the Essentials Email Hosting plan priced at $5.97* per month for up to 15 email accounts.

Businesses that require more services can sign up for the Business Email Hosting plan at $11.97* per month. There are also two more plans for larger businesses. Each with greater storage and up to 50 email accounts for $17.97* per month or unlimited email accounts at only $23.97* per month.

The Microsoft Outlook plans start at $5.50 per month, which only includes a single email account. The more extensive plans are priced at $11 and $17.20 per month.

In contrast, even the most expensive plan from Microsoft Outlook has an added cost for every email account. Such a stipulation means that running 200 email accounts on DreamIT Host will only cost you $23.97* per month. While the charges on Microsoft Outlook would go up to a minimum of $1,100 per month. Businesses can save thousands of dollars each year with DreamIT Host’s ”NO per mailbox” pricing.


Find a Plan With the Best Services

The Startup Email Hosting plan from DreamIT Host comes with 15GB RAID Storage, offers up to five email accounts, delivers instant notifications on iOS and includes 10 addon domains.

Microsoft’s cheapest plan does not include any Office applications, while there is a limit of 150MB for sending email messages. While both companies guarantee 99.99% uptime, DreamIT Host has vastly superior customer service.

When a customer has an issue with Microsoft’s Exchange Online, they likely have to speak with a customer service representative in another country.

DreamIT Host has a support team that is based in Australia and is available 24/7 to offer 100% Australian support to customers. That results in quicker response times during the hours that Australian businesses are open. Most customer service tickets are fixed in the first reply and within 30 business minutes.


Plans for More Advanced Needs

Businesses that require more support for email hosting can turn to the high-end plans from DreamIT Host. The Business 200G Email Hosting plan is only $23.97* per month, and it includes 200GB RAID Storage, unlimited email accounts, premium phone support, and other high-end features.

Aside from its support for unlimited email addresses, DreamIT Host has a number of other features advanced users would appreciate. These include:

  • cPanel with CloudLinux
  • DDoS Protection
  • KernalCare & ConfigServer
  • Dream Relay
  • MailScanner Filtering
  • CrossBox Webmail

Microsoft Outlook has respectable offerings through its Exchange Online plans. However, both the basic tier and advanced tiers do not offer the same range of email hosting services as DreamIT Host.

The Australian email hosting plans from DreamIT Host are not only more affordable at the lower tier. Their higher-priced plans provide the necessary scalability, security, and ability to be customised that more advanced clients require.


Click here to view DreamIT Host’s Email Hosting plans.


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