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Who Offers Australia’s Best Web Hosting?

Jan 20, 2021

Who Offers Australia’s Best Web Hosting?

DreamIT Host vs Other Australian Providers: Who Is the Best Web Host for Australian Businesses?

When it comes to Web Hosting in Australia, there are a number of Australian providers to choose from. In this blog post, we compare the ratings, prices, offerings and customer support for popular Australian web hosts.

The host with the best web hosting for Australian businesses is one that offers the most at the best price. Businesses should seek unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, top-of-the-line security, and 24/7 local support. 

The information provided below will help you decide who is the best web host for Australian businesses.

DreamIT Host vs. VentraIP

Google Ratings — 4.9/5 (DreamIT Host) 4.6/5 (VentraIP)
Facebook Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) 4.5/5 (VentraIP)
Reviews.io Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) N/A (VentraIP) 

DreamIT Host offers Australian web hosting plans that start at $4.17* per month. The Startup Web Hosting plan includes 5GB of RAID NVMe storage, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts, and a 2GB memory limit. VentraIP offers business hosting plans that start at $5 per month. Their plans include 5GB of slower SSD cloud storage, SSL security, and other perks. Both companies pledge 24/7 local support, hourly backups and free SSL certificates to all customers. If you are looking for more bang for your buck, DreamIT Host offers more storage and better I/O speeds. Our comparison is between the two companies’ premium Australian hosting plans.


DreamIT Host vs. Net Virtue

Google Ratings — 4.9/5 (DreamIT Host) N/A (Net Virtue)
Facebook Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) 5/5 (Net Virtue)
Reviews.io Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) N/A (Net Virtue)

DreamIT Host offers a range of Australian hosting plans for companies of all sizes. Start-ups and small businesses would be happy with the $4.17* per month Startup Web Hosting plan. While the company’s Essentials Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting plans target more advanced users. All DreamIT Host offerings come with free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, a DIY website builder, self-service hourly backups, and more. Net Virtue’s web hosting plans start at $6.95 per month for slower SSD storage and daily backups. The 24/7 same time zone support from staff located in Australia gives DreamIT Host an advantage over Net Virtue. You will find that Net Virtue’s support teams are located in other countries.


DreamIT Host vs. Webcentral

Google Ratings — 4.9/5 (DreamIT Host) 1.2/5 (Webcentral)
Facebook Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) N/A (Webcentral)
Reviews.io Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) N/A (Webcentral)

DreamIT Host is among the top Australian web hosting companies with the most value-oriented offerings. The DreamIT Host Startup Web Hosting plan is only $4.17* per month. Compared to Webcentral who has a cPanel Starter plan at $9.95 per month. Webcentral also has limits on bandwidth. Whereas, DreamIT Host has unlimited bandwidth and uses faster RAID NVMe storage. Both companies advertise 99.99% uptime and 24/7 support. However, DreamIT Host has a local Australian support team based in Melbourne, VIC. Whereas, Webcentral’s support staff are located offshore. Their support team may not be as capable of assisting Australian customers during standard business hours. When it comes to overall customer satisfaction, the company ratings say a lot about the standard of service.


DreamIT Host vs. Crazy Domains

Google Ratings — 4.9/5 (DreamIT Host) 4.6/5 (Crazy Domains)
Facebook Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) N/A (Crazy Domains)
Reviews.io Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) 4.9/5 (Crazy Domains)

From only $4.17* per month, DreamIT Host’s Startup Web Hosting plan includes RAID NVMe storage, free SSL certificate, DIY website builder, 2GB memory limit, and unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. Crazy Domains offers Linux, Windows and WordPress hosting plans. Their WordPress offerings starting at $7.15 per month. The Economy plan is good for a single site. Offering slower SSD storage compared to DreamIT Host, and puts a limit on monthly visits. Even the premium offerings from DreamIT Host have more features, compared to Crazy Domains’ Premium and Unlimited plans. For busy websites or high-traffic eCommerce stores, DreamIT Host is the faster and more affordable choice.


DreamIT Host vs. GoDaddy

Google Ratings — 4.9/5 (DreamIT Host) 2.6/5 (GoDaddy)
Facebook Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) N/A (GoDaddy)
Reviews.io Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) 4.0/5 (GoDaddy)

The DreamIT Host Australian web host plans start at $4.17* per month and include rapid RAID NVMe storage. Clients also have access to a DIY website builder, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts, and up to 10 add-on domains. Australian customers must contact GoDaddy directly for plan pricing. The Economy plan from GoDaddy includes one website, 10 databases, and much slower HDD storage. While DreamIT Host prioritises 99.99% uptime and 24/7 Australian-based support for all its customers. GoDaddy has support teams based in parts of Asia. Customers who desire personalised support for their Australian business would have a better experience with DreamIT Host.


DreamIT Host vs. Digital Pacific

Google Ratings — 4.9/5 (DreamIT Host) 3.9/5 (Digital Pacific)
Facebook Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) 3.8/5 (Digital Pacific)
Reviews.io Ratings — 4.8/5 (DreamIT Host) N/A (Digital Pacific)

DreamIT Host is an Australian web hosting company with Startup, Essentials, and Business Web Hosting plans. Our best web hosting plans start at $4.17* per month. Each plan includes free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts, a DIY website builder, and self-service hourly backups. Digital Pacific Australian web host plans start at $9.90. Their plans include slower SSD storage, a limit on monthly traffic, and daily backups. Digital Pacific’s Business Hosting plans have more features but start at $17.90 per month. When comparing their offerings, they still do not match up with DreamIT Host’s services of equivalent price.


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