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DreamIT Host vs G Suite

Dec 08, 2020

DreamIT Host vs G Suite

DreamIT Host vs. G Suite: Who Is the Better Email Host for Australian Businesses?

In this blog post, we compare DreamIT Host to the popular email client, G Suite, managed by Google.

For business owners looking to take full control of their communication with customers and colleagues through their web domain. Starting with how to handle your email can go a long way. The primary way that businesses continue to keep in touch with their customers and partners is through email. Something that isn’t going to change anytime soon. 

One thing that many business owners want is an email address (or multiple email addresses) that end in their domain name. Instead of using email accounts through popular providers such as Gmail or Yahoo. Unless you have the time to build and maintain your own email server, the best option is email hosting providers. One of the biggest names in this field right now is G Suite from Google. 


Are There Any Alternatives?

You might think that Google’s offering is going to be one of your best options for small business email hosting. But, think again! There is actually an Australian email hosting provider that offers a slew of benefits over G Suite. Saving the user money, headaches, and time. It’s called DreamIT Host. 

How so? Here’s a closer examination of some features offered by DreamIT Host that you simply won’t find with G Suite. 


Much More Affordable

DreamIT Host’s most affordable hosting option for email is a cool $2.97 per month. It offers up to five email accounts, compared to G Suite’s $8.40 per month plan for only one email account. 


Unlimited Email Accounts

With DreamIT Host, you have the option to choose the Business 200G Email Hosting plan. This plan offers users unlimited accounts for their emails. With G Suite, you will find yourself paying per mailbox and user. For example, 200 email accounts with DreamIT Host will cost you only $23.97 per month. Whereas, 200 email accounts with G Suite will cost you at least $1,680 per month. 


Australian Bred

DreamIT Host operates its Australian hosting servers locally in Melbourne and Sydney. In addition, you will receive 24/7 support direct from fellow Australians. If you’re located within Australia and need support with your G Suite account, you will have to account for the time difference when seeking help. 


Scale Up or Down

Everybody from small businesses to large enterprises can take advantage of the web and email hosting services provided by DreamIT Host. Start with a cheaper plan if your business is just starting out. Your email hosting can grow with your business as your needs require. 


By Aussies, For Aussies

In this day and age, web and email hosting is crucial to the growth and advancement of your business. Especially if you are starting a website or online business. You need to be able to keep in touch with customers. If you want to appear as professional as possible, it’s a good idea to have your email accounts associated with your domain name. 

When working with DreamIT Host, you can save money and scale as you’d like. Best of all, you get all of the support you need without worrying about overseas time zones. For many folks, it is likely to be the best and most affordable Australian email hosting provider out there. 


Click here to view DreamIT Host’s Email Hosting plans.


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