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Who Offers Australia’s Best Domain Pricing?

Mar 10, 2021

Who Offers Australia’s Best Domain Pricing?

Who Offers the Best Domain Pricing for Australian Businesses?

Businesses in Australia that wish to connect with customers online must register a domain before they can activate their website. Companies want to ensure all their digital assets use the same domain name, which is why finding the ideal name and extension is essential. Furthermore, a little research can also help your save on domain pricing.

There are several Australian domain registrars that you can use to search for and register your ideal domain name. Each company offers a different experience, which is why choosing the right place to register your domain name is very important. Finding cheaper domains allows you to put your digital marketing budget towards other endeavours.

Below is a comparison of the domain pricing when buying domain names in Australia on DreamIT Host and other Australian domain registrars.


DreamIT Host vs Other Australian Providers – Who Offers Australia’s Best Domain Pricing?


DreamIT Host vs. The Competition

At DreamIT Host, we believe in making cheaper domains a reality for Australian businesses, non-profit organisations and individuals. Buying domain names in Australia can be a frustrating experience, but DreamIT Host makes sure the process is as seamless as possible.

DreamIT Host has the cheapest domain pricing on the most popular extension, .com. Registering a .com extension with DreamIT Host only costs $15.95 per year, with every other competitor having higher prices.

VentralP and Net Virtue come closest, with annual prices at $17.25 and 18.95 per year respectively. DreamIT Host, however, offers a better experience while searching for your ideal domain and during the registration process. We also have dedicated Australian-based support teams ready to assist with any domain registration issues.

Major companies that offer domain registration, such as GoDaddy and Digital Pacific are generally more expensive for every domain extension. GoDaddy, for instance, charges $19.95 per year for .com.au. While DreamIT Host only charges $14.95 per year.


Seamlessly Register Your Domain

No company has more domain extensions than DreamIT Host. We also have the most competitive domain pricing across the board. DreamIT Host is more affordable than a host such as Webcentral (formerly known as Melbourne IT). Webcentral is more expensive by $7 to $11 per year on every extension.

Registering a .com.au domain is slightly less expensive on Net Virtue. Their price is $14.50 per year compared to $14.95 per year on DreamIT Host. However, our service has over 550 domain extensions, while Net Virtue only has around 250 available extensions.


Premium Services at Affordable Prices

DreamIT Host believes in offering every customer a premium experience while they register a domain. We offer instant registrations, Anycast DNS, easy domain forwarding, and ID protection to keep your information secure.

Clients can trust the domain registration platform at DreamIT Host. We also offer 24/7 Australian ticket support. Many of our competitors have support teams that work out of different countries in Southeast Asia or South Asia.

If you are planning to register a domain for your small business, DreamIT Host is the ideal Australian domain registrar to use. We pride ourselves on delivering a flawless experience for domain registration, website creation and related services. Not to mention, our extremely competitive domain pricing for our extensive list of domain extensions.


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