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WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting

Mar 16, 2022

WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting: Which is the Best Hosting?

Choosing your hosting provider is one of the most crucial decisions while building a website. People in Australia often start with a WordPress free plan, but that comes with many limitations. 

If you are looking for an upgrade, the shared web hosting plans of DreamIT Host can be a perfect choice. Shared hosting comes cheaper and with extra features that you will not get in WordPress premium plans.

This article explains the difference between WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting. Read until the end if you are looking for the Best Web Hosting in Australia.


What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting means developing a website using a WordPress content management system (CMS). WordPress run servers that allow you to create, develop and run your website.


What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting means sharing space on a particular server with multiple other sites. The main benefit of shared hosting is the low cost. Besides, different hosting companies offer excellent features with their shared hosting plans.


WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting (DreamIT Host)

Initially, it is free to use WordPress hosting. However, you will have to add a prefix or suffix to your domain. Plus, the features are limited and not worth reaching for many users. You will need to upgrade to the premium plans to design your website well and reach your audience seamlessly.

Although you can purchase WordPress’s premium plan, choosing another hosting provider is a better option. Not to worry, you can develop your website using a WordPress content management system in third-party hosting too.

DreamIT Host’s Web Hosting offers the best WordPress hosting plans in Australia. But what makes DreamIT Host better than WordPress? Let’s find out:



DreamIT Host offers shared web hosting a lot cheaper compared to WordPress. The WordPress Personal Plan starts at $5/month, and the DreamIT Host Startup Web Hosting starts at only $4.17*/month.

You can upgrade to the WordPress Premium Plan, which costs $10/month. But it lacks features compared to DreamIT Host Essentials Web Hosting, which comes at $10.17*/month.

The best option will be the DreamIT Host Business Web Hosting costing only $16.17/month. Whilst, the WordPress Business Plan costs $33/month.



With WordPress, you only receive email support on the Personal Plan. For live chat support, you need the WordPress Premium or Business Plan.

All DreamIT Host customers receive 24/7 Australian ticket support. For business customers, we also offer phone support. Local support means faster support responses.



The WordPress Personal Plan only has 6GB of storage and does not allow you to upload videos. If uploading videos is a requirement for your website, you will need the Premium or Business plans. These plans include storage of 13GB and 200GB sequentially.

With DreamIT Host, you get 5GB NVMe Based Storage on the Startup plan, 20GB on the Essentials plan, and 30GB on the Business plan. 

Although it doesn’t sound much, NVMe is 12x faster than an SSD server. Speed is one of the most crucial factors to improve user experience, and DreamIT Host wins here.


Email Accounts

Email accounts with your domain name are crucial when establishing a brand. One of the main drawbacks of WordPress Hosting is that it doesn’t offer any email accounts with its hosting plans.

In contrast, DreamIT Host offers unlimited email accounts with all hosting packages. Not many hosting providers offer unlimited email accounts. That’s why DreamIT Host is at the top of the Best Australian WordPress Hosting list.


Add-On Domains

Add-on domains refer to how many websites you can run on a single hosting account. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow any add-on domains.

On the other hand, DreamIT Host can save you from the trouble as it offers ten add-on domains with its Managed WordPress Hosting plans. Therefore, you can choose any of the three web hosting packages that best suit your needs.


Ability to Install Plugins

A variety of plugins are available for WordPress sites. These plugins help you to design and develop your site more conveniently.

WordPress doesn’t allow you to install plugins unless you upgrade to its overpriced business plan. Luckily, DreamIT Host has a plugin installation feature included in all hosting packages.



Keeping a backup is essential for every site to overcome unwanted circumstances. You will need to pay extra for backup features with your WordPress Hosting plan. 

DreamIT Host offers free hourly backups feature with all shared web hosting plans.


WordPress eCommerce Plan vs DreamIT Host 50GB Premier Hosting

If you are running an eCommerce website or attract heavy traffic on your site, you must go for the Best WordPress Hosting Australia

WordPress offers an eCommerce plan for this purpose, while DreamIT host has a 50GB Premier Hosting plan with extended features.

Here are some reasons why DreamIT Host’s 50GB Premier Hosting is better than the WordPress eCommerce plan:



DreamIT Host’s 50GB Premier Hosting costs only $29.97*/month, while the WordPress eCommerce plan costs $59/month. The price difference is almost double!



WordPress offers only email and live chat support. DreamIT Host provides phone support, 24/7 ticket support and live chat support.



WordPress has 200GB storage, but DreamIT Host offers 12x faster 50GB NVMe Raid Storage.


Email Accounts

DreamIT Host’s 50GB Premier Hosting offers unlimited email accounts. The WordPress eCommerce plan gives you zero email accounts.


Add-On Domains

You can add ten domains on DreamIT Host’s Premier Hosting plans but none with WordPress’s eCommerce plan.


Ability to Install Plugins

Luckily, for eCommerce users, both WordPress and DreamIT Host come with the ability to install plugins.



The WordPress eCommerce plan includes automated site backups and one-click restore.

With DreamIT Host’s 50GB Premier Hosting, you get free hourly backups. These are self-service backups and the backup retention period is hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.


Final Verdict

WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting has been a long debate in the web hosting world. The above comparison proves that DreamIT Host is one of the best Australian Hosting providers. It’s affordable, comes with faster NVMe storage, offers unlimited emails and has free hourly backups.


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