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Server Security with DreamGuard

Jun 08, 2022

Server Security with DreamGuard

Why Should You Get Server Security with DreamGuard?

Servers are the backbone of any business, but they are also a significant target for cybercrime. A recent IBM study found that server vulnerabilities caused 43% of data breaches due to data security and device mismanagement.

DreamIT Host provides a comprehensive security solution for servers, including perimeter defence, intrusion detection and prevention, and data leak protection. We also offer a managed service option that includes 24/7 monitoring and support. With server security from DreamGuard, you can rest assured that your servers are safe from cyber-attacks.

As we progress through this article, we’ll explore why customers need server security knowledge and how to get started with services on Australian hosting servers.


What is Server Security?

Server security is securing a server from unauthorised access and malicious activity. There are many ways to secure a server, including physical security, logical security, and application security. Physical security measures, such as keeping servers in a locked room or using biometric authentication to restrict access, can help to prevent unauthorised access to servers.

Logical security controls, such as installing firewalls and intrusion detection systems, can help to detect and prevent unauthorised activity on servers. By creating strong passwords and using encryption, DreamIT Host, web host Australia can help to protect data stored on servers from being accessed by unauthorised users.

By using a combination of these security measures, businesses can help to ensure that their servers are safe from physical and digital attacks.


How Does DreamIT Host Utilise DreamGuard for Server Security?

At DreamIT Host Australian web hosting service, we take server security seriously. By scanning each file, DreamGuard can identify and block any malicious content before it has a chance to cause damage. In addition, let’s see how their security experts can help to keep your servers safe:


Prevent Malware, Injections, and Other Attacks

DreamGuard is a server security solution that utilises several features to prevent malware, injections, and other attacks. One of the most critical features is identifying and stopping malicious traffic, and DreamGuard uses many techniques to accomplish this, including deep packet inspection and profile-based blocking.

DreamGuard for web hosting in Australia can pinpoint and block attempts to exploit vulnerabilities by inspecting traffic at the packet level. Additionally, it can use profiles to identify and block known attack vectors, making it difficult for attackers to bypass DreamGuard’s defences. In addition to being able to detect and block attacks, it also provides several security enhancements.

For example, DreamGuard encrypts traffic between servers to ensure that if an attacker can penetrate a server, they will not be able to read any transmitted data. Additionally, DreamGuard creates virtual firewalls that segment networks and restrict access to sensitive data. These features make DreamGuard an effective tool for server security.


Intelligent Threat Detection

This system uses machine learning to detect and stop malicious traffic. DreamGuard constantly monitors traffic to and from your server and can quickly identify patterns that indicate an attempted attack. Once an attack is detected, the offending IP address will be blocked and notify you to take action.

This Australia hosting system is constantly learning and evolving, so it is always up to date on the latest server security threats. As a result, the server is well-protected against the most sophisticated attacks. You also have the peace of mind knowing that DreamGuard will quickly block it and notify you if an attack does get through.


Verify Symbolic Links

Symbolic links are shortcuts that allow users to access files and download them quickly. However, some symbolic links can redirect users to malicious websites or download infected files. DreamGuard web hosting services Australia checks each symbolic link to make sure it points to a safe website or file before allowing the user to access it.

Checking symbolic links ensures users only access safe and reputable websites. Additionally, DreamGuard will also scan any downloaded files for viruses or malware before allowing them to open. DreamIT Host provides users with a secure and safe experience by taking these precautions.


Remove Binary Threats

DreamIT Host’s security system protects servers from potential threats by removing binary threats. These threats are files that contain malicious code that can damage or take control of a server. By removing these files, DreamGuard helps to ensure that attackers do not compromise servers.

In addition to removing binary threats, Australian based web hosting DreamGuard offers several other security features. While binary threats are a significant concern, it is essential to remember that they are just one part of the equation.


Identify Suspicious Patterns

DreamGuard is constantly looking for suspicious patterns that could indicate an attempted hack. If a pattern is detected, the algorithm will block the IP address and investigate further. By identifying and thwarting attempts early, DreamGuard helps to keep servers secure. Moreover, DreamIT Host monitors all incoming traffic for signs of malicious activity.

DreamGuard looks for known malicious IP addresses and connections that match known attack patterns. If any suspicious traffic is detected, it is immediately blocked and investigated. By combining these two layers of security, DreamIT Host ensures a high level of protection for servers.

Let’s find out why we recommend using DreamGuard!


DreamGuard: A Complete Software Solution for Server Security

Most Australian web hosting companies understand the importance of web security and have invested in various software solutions to protect their online assets. However, many of these security solutions are fragmented, difficult to use, and don’t provide comprehensive protection.

DreamGuard is a complete web security solution protecting from multiple threats, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and malware. Here are just a few reasons why DreamGuard is the best choice for web security:

  • Comprehensive Protection: DreamGuard protects you from all web-based threats, making it a complete solution for web security.
  • Easy to Use: An effortless program to install and use so that you can be up and running with minimal effort.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: DreamGuard provides real-time monitoring and alerts, so you can quickly respond to any potential threats.
  • Wide Range of Features: The software offers an array of features suitable for all types of businesses.
  • Affordable: It is an affordable security solution with a high return on investment. 

Learn more about DreamGuard’s features here:



With DreamIT Host’s DreamGuard, you can have confidence that your website is safe from all threats. The software is easy to use and includes many features, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to protect your online assets, DreamGuard is the right choice. By signing up to DreamIT Host, you can ensure that your server is safe from attacks. For more information about DreamIT Host and our services, please visit today.


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