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Researching Keywords to Rank Higher on Google

Nov 16, 2022

Researching Keywords to Rank Higher on Google

Years ago, the process of ranking on Google was simple. Now times have changed. Google’s algorithms have become much more sophisticated, and they now penalise sites that use keyword stuffing to boost their rankings. So, what’s the secret to ranking high on Google in today’s digital landscape?

The key is to research keywords to rank higher on Google. By selecting keywords relevant to your business and target audience, you can ensure that your site will be displayed prominently in the search results. It’s not easy to do a manual search.

Using the DreamSEO tool, provided by the best Australian web host, DreamIT Host, you can track and find the most effective keywords for your website. You can use it to find the best keywords to rank higher on Google and get more organic traffic. Let’s talk about why you should join this tool.


How Do You Keyword Research For SEO?

DreamSEO is a tool that can help you with researching keywords for search engine optimisation. It allows you to see which keywords your intended audience uses and provides search terms they are likely to enter.

This tool lets you view less popular keywords and regularly update your keyword research list. You can use DreamSEO to help you find keywords for your website or blog to improve your search engine ranking.


Why Should You Aim For Realistic Keywords for Google

DreamSEO is a tool that allows you to research and find realistic keywords for your website. It also allows you to track your rankings and measure your success. DreamSEO is an essential tool because it can provide you with keyword suggestions to target, leading to more traffic and conversions.

When starting, it is crucial to focus on long-tail keywords, which are less competitive and can generate a higher conversion rate.

For example, starting a website about web hosting will make it challenging to rank for the keyword “web hosting.” Instead, focus on keywords like “web hosting services Australia.” 


How to Consider Your Audience’s Search Intent

As a marketer, it’s essential to understand your audience’s needs and wants. What are they looking for? What kind of information are they trying to find? Are they ready to purchase a product?

Answers to these questions can guide your keyword selection. Consider using a tool like DreamSEO to research your audience’s search intent. With this tool, you can quickly see what keywords your audience use and how they word them. DreamSEO can give you valuable insight into your audience’s search habits.

Many Australian web hosting companies offer SEO services, but DreamIT Host provides the following features with their DreamSEO tool:

  • Automatic keyword discovery
  • Keyword research history
  • Search engine ranking tracking
  • Competitor analysis and more

It can also help you determine which keywords are most likely to convert. By understanding your audience’s search intent, you can create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns that will resonate with your audience and lead to more conversions.


Why You Shouldn’t Use Keywords Nobody Will Search For

There are a few reasons why using specific SEO keywords in your website content is important.

NO 1: If you want your site to be visible to potential customers, you need to use words that they are searching for. General terms that could apply to any product or service will likely cause your site to disappear from search results.

NO 2: By using a keyword research tool, you can discover which keywords are frequently used by your target audience. Doing this allows you to focus your content on topics most likely to interest your target audience.

NO 3: It’s essential to keep your keywords relevant to your content. If you stuff your pages with keywords unrelated to the topic, you’ll quickly lose the interest of your readers. Moreover, search engines are becoming increasingly adept at detecting keyword stuffing, so the risk is too high.

Ensure your website content is specific, relevant, and interesting to attract the right kind of attention. For more accessible keyword research, use a tool like DreamSEO. An SEO tool can help you quickly determine what keywords are suitable for your website.


What You Can Do To Focus On More Than Exact Keywords on Google

When you broaden your keyword focus, you will inevitably attract more potential customers. It’s important to consider the searcher’s intent and what keywords they may be using to find what they’re looking for.

For example, if you sell women’s clothing, you might target the keyword “dresses.” But you should also consider related keywords such as “skirts,” “tops,” and “shoes.”

Including these related keywords on your website will attract searchers interested in your products but unfamiliar with your brand. And because they’re already interested in what you offer, they’re more likely to convert into customers.

Consider using DreamSEO to come up with related keywords you can use in your content to reach a broader audience. This keyword tracking tool will ensure you optimise your site’s keywords for all major search engines.


What Should You Consider Whether to Use Singular or Plural Keywords?

Deciding whether to use singular or plural keywords in your SEO strategy can be tricky. Conversely, singular keywords are often more specific and may be less competitive.

On the other hand, plural keywords tend to be more popular and may generate more traffic. To decide on singular or plural keywords, test your keywords in Google and see which one returns more results. 

Another factor to consider is whether you want to target a specific or general audience. For example, if you are targeting a local audience, you may want to use singular keywords so that you appear in results for those searchers who include location terms in their queries.

However, if you target a global audience, you may want to use plural keywords for a broader range of searches. Ultimately, deciding when and how to use singular and plural keywords depends on your unique SEO goals.

But some advanced tools, like DreamSEO, can automatically generate both singular and plural keywords for you. This way, you don’t have to do the research and can focus on more critical tasks.


How Do You Deal With Using the Same Keyword on Multiple Pages?

There are multiple ways to avoid repeating the same keyword across multiple pages.

The most important part is identifying which pages use the keyword too often. You can use a tool like DreamSEO to help with this. Once you have a list of the pages, you can begin working on altering the content.

It may involve changing the keyword to something similar or finding new ways to incorporate it into the page without repeating it too often. According to SEO experts, removing keywords from some pages may be necessary.

By taking these guides, you can avoid keyword stuffing and ensure that your website is easy for users and search engines to navigate.


DreamSEO — the Easiest SEO Tool

Now that you know researched Keywords are essential for your website content to rank higher on google, it’s time to sign up for DreamSEO. It’s the most straightforward SEO tool to help you track your website’s progress and find related keywords to use in your content.

Get started today and see the difference DreamSEO can make for your website traffic. You can also take advantage of DreamIT Host’s cheap website hosting to ensure your site is always fast and accessible to users.


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