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How to Switch between Domains in DirectAdmin

Sep 29, 2021

How to Switch between Domains in DirectAdmin

Follow these steps to switch between domains in DirectAdmin:

DirectAdmin allows users to focus on a specific domain whilst working on them to create less confusion.

1. Log in to your DirectAdmin account. For instructions on how to log in to your DirectAdmin account, please click here.

2. Once logged in to DirectAdmin, you will find ‘Domain’ and a drop-down box on the top right-hand side of your control panel. The dropdown will contain a list where you can switch between domains/addon domains within the hosting account.
Screenshot: Domain drop-down box in your control panel that allows you to switch between domains.

For Example:

If you want to create email accounts for you would select in the dropdown box and begin creating your email accounts as usual.

If you need to change the PHP version of you would select in the dropdown box, then click into PHP selector and change the PHP version.
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