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How to Log in to Your Reseller Account (DirectAdmin)

Sep 28, 2022

How to Log in to Your Reseller Account (DirectAdmin)

Follow these steps to log into your WHM Reseller account:


Method 1 – Direct login via your MyDreamIT Portal/Dashboard


1. Log in to your My DreamIT Portal. To do this, click here:

Your login details are the email and password you used to sign up for our services.

Screenshot: MyDreamIT Login Page


2. Once logged in, scroll down to Auto Login Panels and click on the green Login to DirectAdmin button for your WHM Reseller service.

MyScreenshot: MyDreamIT Auto Login Panel


Method 2 – Login via your Domain URL


1. Open your web browser and type in your domain followed by /whm or :2222 in the address bar.

For example: If your domain is, you will enter or

Address Bar with ""

Address Bar with ""


2. Once you open the WHM Reseller login page, you can enter your cPanel login details.

Screenshot: WHM Login Page via DirectAdmin



You can find your WHM/DirectAdmin login details in your Product Welcome Email. Your Product Welcome Email would have been sent to you when you first ordered a service from us. If you require assistance finding your login details, you can raise a support ticket via your My DreamIT Portal and our team can assist you further.


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