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How to IMAP Sync in CrossBox

Nov 25, 2021

How to IMAP Sync in CrossBox

Follow these steps to IMAP sync in CrossBox:

You can bring your emails over from your old provider/server as long as you still have access to their server, the server supports IMAP and the files still exist. 

1. Log in to your email account on our server using CrossBox. You can use this link to log in to your email using CrossBox:
Screenshot: CrossBox Login Screen 

2. Once logged in, click Settings on the left-hand side panel, then click Import.
Screenshot: Settings List on the Left-Hand Side of CrossBox 

3. The import page will open. Click the Add Import button.

4. A form will appear. You will need to fill in details of your old server to gain access to it so you can IMAP sync your emails over.
Screenshot: Add Import Form for IMAP Sync

If your old host used SSL, keep the IMAP server SSL option ticked. If it does not use SSL, untick this option. (This will automatically update the IMAP Port as well.)

IMAP Host: The server address of your old server. (This will be the same as the incoming server settings you used when you set up your emails in your email client previously with your old host)
IMAP Username: This will be the email address.
IMAP Password: This will be the email password on the old server.

Once you have filled out this information, click Start Importing.

During the transfer period, do not close the window. It will specify in the text when the migration is complete.
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