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Getting Started on Basic SEO

Jan 12, 2022

Getting Started on Basic SEO

Where to Begin with Basic SEO

The COVID-19 pandemic made it essential for several businesses to build an online presence to remain afloat. But even before that, there was a steady rise in the online field. This saw the rise in Australian Hosting Companies, which has made many business owners set up websites for their businesses.

DreamIT Host offers the Fastest Web Hosting in Australia, and we are experts at helping your website rank higher on Google by applying basic SEO techniques.


What is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the practice of optimising website pages to make them reach the highest positions in Google and other renowned search engines. It means that individuals will likely focus on websites using SEO when doing online searches. Search Engine Optimisation focuses on increasing organic rankings in search results.

If you are looking to create a website or have an existing website, then DreamIT Host is here to help! We are one of the best AU Web Hosting companies with tools to boost your Google ranking and increase your traffic. There isn’t any doubt about it, Search Engine Optimisation must be part of any companies’ marketing efforts.


The Impact of Web Hosting on SEO

Irrespective of the kind of website you want to host, whether you’re powering it with Magento, Joomla, or WordPress, DreamIT Host is the fastest and most affordable solution to get your website online.

If your target audience is predominantly within Australia, then our servers will be the perfect home for your website! Contact our customer support team in Melbourne to get you set up today!

In addition to our hourly backups that can be accessed instantly, we run malware scans to scan all uploaded files sent from any of our servers. We also use SSL and DreamGuard for scanning files, which helps in boosting your Google ranking with our free Sectigo® certificates.


Why Choose Us?

DreamIT Host uses LiteSpeed, an incredibly fast web server that has an unmatched speed performance. Websites that load quickly will rank higher than websites with slow loading times.

Being one of the most reliable Australian Web Host companies, we advise our clients to use SEO plugins such as YOAST for their websites, which makes it quicker and smoother. We also install Click Apps that make it cheaper to install and get your website running.


Fastest Web Hosting Australia

DreamIT Host is an Australian Web Hosting company located in Melbourne and Sydney. We offer flexible Web Hosting services that are perfect for all kinds of websites.

For our Startup Web Hosting package, we charge $4.17* per month, and it comes with an SSL Certificate that isn’t charged. This package is powered by DirectAdmin, CloudLinux and LiteSpeed, and comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, 10 add-on domains, and our DIY website builder.


Click here to view DreamIT Host’s Web Hosting plans.


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