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Nov 11, 2020


As of 2018, DreamIT Host was the only Australian Web Host to use the NVMe storage technology, enabling it to offer access speeds that were considerably higher than those of competitors.

From 2019, all new DreamIT Host servers were provisioned with NVMe.


SSDs have been around for many years and the performance of these storage mediums have improved greatly. Traditionally, SSDs have been used by many hosting platforms around the world. However, the development of NVMe technology has revolutionised the hosting industry. As useful as this new tech may be, most Australian hosting platforms have not yet made the jump from SSD. Luckily, some companies, such as DreamIT Host, have focused on upgrading their systems whenever possible. The hosting platform has constantly focused on adopting the newest technologies on the market to offer the best possible services to their clients.

From a technical point of view, NVMe can easily deliver read-write speeds of 2000 MB per second while maintaining a low power consumption ratio. In layman’s terms, NVMe is not only 12 times faster than SSD, but it is also much more reliable and generates fewer errors.

Generally speaking, using NVMe can take a regular hosting service from just hosting and turn it into the best Australian web host on the market. However, the technology is expensive and very few companies have implemented it into their hosting infrastructure. DreamIT Host currently outfits all of its servers with NVMe storage to ensure that customers get the highest possible access and transfer speeds.

By using a web host with NVMe storage, website owners are guaranteed to receive top-quality performance. The new technology ensures that all the data stored on the servers can be accessed in an instant. This also makes it easier for websites to be scaled up because the speed of this storage makes it possible for a larger number of individuals to download and upload content at the same time.

While this is not yet a standard when it comes to web hosting in Australia, companies such as DreamIT Host have not only managed to integrate it into their internal systems but also add it to the framework of all of their services.


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