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Hourly Backups

Sep 16, 2020

Hourly Backups

Hourly Backups

Data corruption and catastrophic system failures are always a danger when it comes to running personal or commercial servers, especially if they host important databases. The file transfer dynamics of a regular server make losing even the smallest amount of data an issue. This calls for strict backup practices that can minimise or prevent issues where customer or company data would be lost. A large number of Web Hosting Companies are offering weekly or monthly backups, based on the fact that most database configurations rarely suffer modifications.

This was a standard in the industry until now. Unfortunately, very few companies offer reliable, up-to-date backup services that can ensure that the client’s information is always secure. Furthermore, the ones that do offer these services charge a considerable fee that makes keeping the database functional expensive. With that said, web hosting platforms have reworked their digital infrastructure to offer better backup services.


Why Are Hourly Backups Important?

When it comes to websites, regardless of their function, several types of files need to be backed up, some of which change more often than others:

  • Config files – These are the settings that control how websites and servers operate. Configurations do not change often and usually only require weekly backups;
  • Website files – These are also relatively static and do not need to be backed up often. They are composed of the actual content and structure of a website. These can also be backed up weekly;
  • Databases – Databases are incredibly dynamic, and the speed with which they change often increases as the website grows. They contain everything from blog posts, comments, and online customer orders, to user account information such as logins, passwords, banking information, and others;
  • Emails – Emails also change extremely fast, and losing even a couple can be a serious issue. Hourly backups are usually mandatory when it comes to these, especially in the case of business platforms and online stores;

The two most important categories, databases and emails, are also the most dynamic, specifically from all the types of data that needs to be saved. Losing even an hour’s worth of data can create big problems for some platforms. In most cases, it can result in endless customer-support procedures and even legal issues.


New Services from Established Web Hosting Companies

As online platforms become more populated, they become more dynamic and need to be backed up more often. While Australian Web Hosting companies have maintained their policy of offering paid weekly backups, there are also platforms such as DreamIT Host who have reworked their services to cater to the current needs of the industry.

DreamIT Host, in particular, is quickly becoming one of the most popular Australian Web Hosts. All of the company’s hosting plans come with FREE self-service hourly backups and well-designed tools to restore anything from entire websites to emails and file databases.

The best part is that all the data is saved on their Australian servers, which means that all customer support is done locally and efficiently.


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