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DreamIT Host is 100% Australian Owned & Operated

Jan 27, 2021

DreamIT Host is 100% Australian Owned & Operated

Did you know… DreamIT Host is 100% Australian Owned & Operated!

Australian businesses certainly consider using Australian web hosting companies for their websites, but the allure of overseas providers is difficult for some to resist. Businesses may see the opportunity to save some money, and believe they are not going to experience any difference in the quality of service.

The problem is that even though overseas providers can offer cost savings for website hosting, there is a price to pay: A business may end up losing a lot more money due to a poor web hosting solution. This is why sticking with domestic providers is always the best option.

Below are some of the main reasons to go Australian for your web hosting provider:

  • Faster Service Speed
  • No Service Failure Risks
  • Australian-Based Support Teams
  • Avoid Google Penalties


Faster Service Speed

An Australian business is likely to get most of its web traffic from prospective Australian customers. If your website is hosted by a provider from another nation, loading the website in Australia will be a little slow.

Information moves so quickly over the internet, which means any speed difference between an Australian or foreign web host would only be a matter of seconds. Users, however, do not appreciate slow loading websites.


No Service Failure Risks

When you are using an overseas provider for hosting, you are adding more connections into the chain of hosting. Such added complexity increases points of failure that may cause your website to crash or remain down for several hours. An Australian web host like DreamIT Host is in the local area, which reduces the chances of breakdown as all exchanges are present on the same landform.

Being in the same time zone as Australian customers also means that maintenance work is scheduled during quiet periods to ensure no downtime or missed sales.


Australian-Based Support Teams

Imagine experiencing a problem with your website at 9am, calling the support team of your hosting provider, and discovering no one is working due to time zone differences.

When you go with an Australian web hosting company, such as DreamIT Host, you are guaranteed assistance from Australian-based support teams. Not only are these professionals working during the same hours that you do business, they also understand Australian lingo, making communication a little easier.

For DreamIT Host customers, most support tickets are fixed in the first reply and within 30 business minutes.

But don’t be fooled by the popular “Australian web hosts” listed at the top of your Google searches. Many small Australian-based hosts have been bought by larger international hosts. As a result, these ex-Australian hosting providers will now have customer support teams and servers located outside of Australia, as well as higher fees. Always do a bit of research before choosing a hosting platform.


Avoid Google Penalties

Websites have IP addresses when they are created that typically relate to the location of the sites. If your site is hosted in another country, it has an overseas IP address.

As a result, your site may not be viewed by Google as a local website when Australian customers are searching for keywords related to your products or services. Having your site hosted by a foreign provider could put you at a disadvantage with your competition.


Do Not Lose a Fortune Chasing a Slight Bargain

The desire to find savings in every area of your operation is understandable, as most small and mid-sized businesses operate on tight budgets. When it comes to web hosting, trusting an Australian hosting company like DreamIT Host is pivotal.

Your business will benefit from 24/7 Australian-based support, far fewer points of failure, a site with an Australian IP address, and faster loading speeds. Find the most affordable and feature-rich Australian web hosting plan, rather than giving your money to an overseas web hosting provider.


To learn more about how DreamIT Host can support your business, read Australian Hosting for Small Businesses.

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