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Choosing Local Hosting Services Can Save You a World of Trouble

Oct 28, 2020

Choosing Local Hosting Services Can Save You a World of Trouble

A good local hosting platform can often make the difference between having a successful website and being forced to spend countless hours apologising to customers. While there are currently hundreds of web hosting services available, most are not as great as they might seem. Even some of the most popular hosting platforms cannot compete with 100% Australian website hosting services.

For example, some of the older and trusted platforms, such as BlueHost, HostGator and HostMonster, have been acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG), who don’t have  any servers based in Australia. However, you will often find them listed as top Google search results when looking for the “best web hosting in Australia” or similar. This is because EIG offers considerable affiliate commissions to all those who promote them as being “Australia’s Best Web Hosts”. In reality, you can expect these international web hosts to provide Australians with slower servers and slower customer support ticket replies.

In many ways, choosing the best Australian Web Host is more a matter of ensuring that the platform has local servers and that it is not part of a greater, international company. This having been said, it is possible to find great Australian Based Web Hosting services, such as DreamIT Host, who have servers located in Melbourne and Sydney, and are optimised for Australian clients.


Why Location Matters?

Different hosting services are organised in different ways, and this means that they may be more useful to some than to others. The quality of the services usually depends on where companies have servers. As a rule of thumb, using local platforms, such as DreamIT Host will always be better than international services for Australian clients. Here is why:

  • Faster speeds

Local hosts are able to offer their services at ultra-low latency. This can effectively allow customers to run their websites at two or three times the speed of overseas hosts. DreamIT Host currently has servers located in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Singapore, and will allocate your website(s) to the nearest server location for optimal performance.

  • Better pricing

Prices are always better when using local companies such as DreamIT Host. Unlike international web hosts, they price their services according to the economic situation in Australia. As a result, the prices will always be fair and flexible.

  • Customised services

Every country has different hosting needs and international hosting platforms usually have a very difficult time keeping up-to-date with Australian specific needs. On the other hand, local companies are always aware of the legal situation in Australia and know what data privacy laws need to be enforced.

  • Better customer support

The customer support teams of local hosting platforms are in the same time zone as the Australian clients. This enables Australian Hosting companies like DreamIT Host to fix support tickets promptly. For DreamIT Host clients, most support tickets are fixed in the first reply and within 30 business minutes, ensuring that the hosted websites are kept online.

  • Faster maintenance work

Being in the same time zone as their clients allows Australian companies to match their maintenance work to the schedules of the people in their country. This ensures no downtime and no interference with customers who may be visiting these websites.

Always do a bit of research before choosing a hosting platform. While Australian web hosts like DreamIT Host are focused on delivering the best local services, several international players are stealthily acquiring smaller Australian hosts. This, unfortunately, leads to servers being moved outside of the country, bad customer support and higher fees.


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