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Website Hosting Australia

Website Hosting Australia

Web hosting is a type of service which allows organizations as well as individuals to post web pages or websites on the internet. A web hosting provider is a business which provides for the services and technologies which are needed so that the web page or website can be viewed on the internet. The websites are either stored or hosted on special computers, which are known as servers. This allows any user to view your website upon typing in the domain or not website address on their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your web pages will be delivered via the browser. Keep in mind that most of the Best Reseller Hosting Australia companies will require you to own your domain as to a host with him. If you don’t have one then don’t worry, the hosting company will help in purchasing one.

What should you expect from a hosting provider?

Whether you are online website hosting Australia, Japan, Switzerland or anywhere else, there are some features which you should expect from a hosting provider like:

Email Accounts

Using the domain name that you purchase, you will get an email account which will come with features that are given by the hosting company you have subscribed to. There are three types of email accounts: Forwarding, POP3, and aliases.choose Web Hosting Reseller Plans Australia services at cheap prices

Website Hosting Australia

Website Hosting Australia

  • POP3 accounts are the traditional types of inboxes. Here you will get space to store your emails on the server and also will be able to use an email program so as to download your mail.
  • Forwarding mail accounts are really useful if you want another company to filter out your emails for you. So, instead of storing your emails on your mail server the emails are redirected at another email address.
  • Aliases accounts are like forwarding mail accounts. Some of the hosts will allow you to go for a catch-all alias, which is very often used to round up emails that sent are addresses which are not recognized by your mail server.

FTP Access

FTP lets you upload files from your local computer, straight to your web server. So if you make your website using your very own HTML files then you will be able to transfer the field from your personal computer to the web server using FTP, thus rendering your website accessible using the internet.

Disk Space

There is a certain amount of disk space where you can store your web files. It is useful to have a rough estimate at least of what you will need for various types of tasks so that you know how much to go for.

WordPress Support

WordPress is something which most people must have heard of, it is an online website creation tool. But more than that it is a very powerful website and blogging content management system. Cheap Reseller Hosting Australia has simplicity in creating and managing websites makes it so much popular that it powers more than 25% of the websites present on the net. The requirements for hosting a WordPress website includes MySQL version 5.6 or greater, PHP version 7 or greater. Most hosting services will tell you right away if they are WordPress compatible or not.

How can your online business get any benefit from using a web hosting service?

This is a common FAQ and it is better to make this clear and get all the details. First, in order to publish your website online, your business website will need a web hosting service. But a web host gives you way more than just web hosting services. They ensure that your websites are up and running always and when you need the help of any technical kind then the in house support are the people to contact. Overall, they ensure that you run your business without any form of hassle and focus your effort and time in running your business.

What is ASP Web Hosting?

This is a common term which is important to the world if web hosting. It refers to web hosting companies who provide support for Active Server Page (ASP). ASP are HTML pages which are embedded with ASP scripts. ASP scripts are processed right on the top server before the page gets sent to the visitor’s browser. Reseller Website Hosting Australia ASP will allow you to create a very dynamic database-driven page which visitors can access and interact with page components. It works by running the HTML code first and then the ASP code when a user types in the domain name in the browser.

Website Hosting Australia

How to find an ASP web host?

You will need to find a web host who can host your website on a window’s server. It is safer to host it there since it is stable and The are specific components of ASP which work only in Windows. Apart from this, you will also have to consider if your website uses a database like Access or SQL. Always ensure that the web host gives support for all types of databases which your website in Australia requires.

Which Web Server to Choose- Linux or Windows?

This is a universally debated issue but the truth is that these two web server platforms work in the same way. The difference is actually in your hosting needs and what you are more comfortable using. Let’s measure each against the other:

  • Linux: Here you can run scripts which are written in Perl, Python, PHP, as well as Unix, originated languages. It supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.
  • Windows: It allows ASP scripts, .NET and other Microsoft technologies. It also supports Access database and Microsoft SQL Server.

Here are some points to consider while looking into them:

  • If your website doesn’t need any form of scripting support then choose Linux hosting as it is more economical.
  • If your website is in need of database support and in need of scripting them choose the platform which supports the technologies you use.

The Australia Web Hosting Reseller service DreamIT host gives its users a lot of features combined with technical support so as to make the task of setting up a website easier. Here users will also get the option of creating their own websites, getting their domain addresses and such. This service aims to provide a class apart hosting service so that you only get the best.

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