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Web Hosting Australia

Web Hosting Australia

Website hosting is the job of creating websites and other web pages which are available to a lot of users. These can be created in any type of format according to the job. But no matter how they are made, their job is to act as a storage space for your website. The difference is in the control, storage capacity, server speed, technical knowledge required to operate it and reliability. There are six major types of web hosting which you are bound to come across more often:

Shared hosting

Whether you want to do Australian Web Host, Netherlands or any other country, this is perfect for people who are just starting their website hosting. Here your website will be stored on the same server but as multiple other websites and the number can be anywhere between hundreds to thousands. All the domains will share the advantages and resources of the same server like RAM, CPU and such. The cost of this form of hosting is comparatively low as it will be shared by others as well. As such, if you operate a small business, a community group or a personal blog or such then beginners will find that in most cases this type of hosting is easier and simpler to carry out. Additionally, shared hosting comes with the necessary tools like WordPress hosting, email clients and such. The trade-off with this is that you will be sharing this with various other users so surges in individual another usage can affect the user experience of your website.

Web Hosting Australia

Web Hosting Australia

Here, website owners can get the most control over the server where their website is stored on. The Cheap Australian Web Host server is rented out exclusively by you and your website is actually the only one which gets stored on the server. You will have full root as well as admin access which means that you will be in charge of everything from the operating system to security. But so many advantages come at a hefty price.

Dedicated server hosting

They cost more than any other option in here. But one should think before going for this hosting service since those who have really high traffic which needs a better server and high control levels need to use this. a major thing to note is that a really high level of technical expertise is needed for its installation as well as ongoing management.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

Best Web Hosting Australia 2018 VPS hosting service is similar to a dedicated server but it also operates within a shared environment. This hosting service is perfect for website owners who are in need of more control but they don’t really want to invest in a dedicated server. Remember that they still can’t handle high levels of traffic or sudden surges in usages. Moreover, the performance of your site can be affected due to other sites which are present on the server. But by dividing a server into virtual servers each website is hosted on a piece of a dedicated server that they can call their own even though in reality they still share a physical server with other users. So people who are need of dedicated hosting but don’t really have the technical knowledge needed to do so can try this option out. VPS offers the cost benefits of shared hosting but with the control of dedicated hosting with best Web Hosting Plans 2019

Cloud hosting

This is probably the type of hosting which most are familiar with. With cloud hosting it means that a lot of computers work together and run applications using the combined computing resources. It is like a hosting solution which works using a network like the Internet and it allows companies to get the computing resources like a utility. They can use as much as they need or want without having to build or maintain the computing infrastructure. All the resources which are needed for maintaining your website are scattered across multiple web servers, thus reducing the chances if any form of downtime which might arise from server malfunction. A big advantage of this type of hosting service is that it is scalable which meaning you can increase or decrease the resources as and when your business grows or suffers losses and you will only have to pay for the services which you will need.


You can opt to co-locate your servers instead of keeping them at an in-house or private data center. Your equipment will be kept at the renting space in a colocation center. The center will provide you with the bandwidth, power and IP address along with the cooling systems that your server requires.

Web Hosting Australia

Space here is rented out on the basis of cabinets and racks. Using this service will give you access to better levels of bandwidth than any normal office server room can and that too at a lower cost. But you will have to take care of it all, starting from the software to the hardware and everything else in between.

Managed hosting

Most of the hosting packages found online are likely to be managed. Hosting companies give technical services like software and hardware setup, hardware replacement, maintenance, technical support like monitoring, updating, patching and more. Unlike the other standard dedicated hosting, the hosting provider makes sure to look after the daily management of the operating systems, hardware and also of the standardized applications. One of the popular sub-categories is WordPress managed hosting. WordPress offers a simplicity in usage which is attractive to many businesses. It’s easy to set up and manage but choosing a hosting provider for WordPress can be tough, especially for those who don’t have the technical knowledge if it. But there are many web hosting companies which offer managed services regarding WordPress.

Cheapest Web Hosting Per Year offers hosting services according to your needs. Here you can get the type of hosting service which your business will ideally need. They will also provide technical support so that you can make your decision based on data and advice from an experienced professional in the field.

All these types of service in Australia offer some benefits and some drawbacks, some offer limited features but at a lower cost and some offer full freedom to manage it as you want but the cost is too high. The trick is always to first consider what your business needs. Map out a pros and cons list of every hosting service and then compare it to what your business needs to get an accurate analysis of the ideal hosting service.

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