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Premier Web Hosting for eCommerce Websites

Nov 24, 2020

Premier Web Hosting for eCommerce Websites

Premier Web Hosting for eCommerce Websites

Making a calculated decision when it comes to what web hosting service to use is always important as it will affect how a website runs and how visitors experience it. However, this choice is, in many ways, the most important one for those who intend to open an online store.

Generally speaking, all individuals who either want to sell products online or already have an eCommerce website should make an active effort to find the best WordPress hosting Australia has to offer. This will not only ensure that the store will be properly maintained, but also that there won’t be any issues where customers’ financial data might be stolen, or orders lost.

There are currently several international hosting services that offer global support. Still, most of them focus on reaching as many entrepreneurs as possible, rather than offering consistent performance and fair prices. On the other hand, there are local companies that offer hosting services that are far better than what can be seen from global ones. DreamIT Host, in particular, is one of the top web hosting Australian services around.

DreamIT Host has put a lot of work into ensuring that entrepreneurs get their money’s worth when using their services. The company offers great hosted WordPress solutions that cater to the needs of a wide variety of eCommerce websites. Their services are designed to handle extremely high-traffic websites that are required to run around-the-clock and offer a fluid user experience. Furthermore, all Premier Web Hosting plans offered by DreamIT Host include WooCommerce, which is currently the most popular and efficient eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

Generally speaking, the company offers great tools for newbies, but the most noteworthy features of their Premier Web Hosting plans are the following:

  • High I/O Speed (100 MB/s);
  • Customers get a free .COM.AU Domain*;
  • Priority support for all clients;
  • A dedicated IP address;
  • Shell Access Enabled;
  • Free Cache Configuration;
  • 100% SLA (2 Days Free Service For Every 60 Minute Outage)
  • Up to 2 Hours of Smart Hands Per Month (Extra Support)

Choosing an Australian hosting WordPress service is also a great choice when it comes to customer support. Australian clients never have to worry that the work hours of the hosting company might be out of sync with the high-traffic periods for their website. If an error ever occurs and the web store stops working during these peak-hours, the support team of the hosting company will be ready and fixing the issue in as little time as possible. For added peace of mind, DreamIT Host provides 24/7 support to ensure no downtime or loss of sales at any time of the day.

It is also worth mentioning that DreamIT Host offers domain name and web hosting services at the same time. This makes their Premier Web Hosting plans a great choice for individuals who have never had an online store before and would like a one-stop-shop that can allow them to get their website online with as little hustle as possible.

In conclusion, Australian entrepreneurs will always get the most out of local services. Not having to worry about time zones, connection speed, and other technical issues. Signing up to local web hosts, such as the highly-rated DreamIT Host, will make creating an online store easier than ever!


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