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Meet Our Partners

Sep 22, 2021

Meet Our Partners

Without our partners, DreamIT Host would not be able to offer exceptional levels of service.

Meet Our Partner - DirectAdmin

Our control panel is powered by DirectAdmin. We partnered with DirectAdmin for their ease of use, speed, stability, support and price. DirectAdmin is designed to be the fastest control panel and avoids downtime by automatically recovering from crashes. With their high-quality support and great pricing, we can offer our customers more affordable hosting options.

For more information on DirectAdmin, visit directadmin.com.

Meet Our Partner - cPanel

For our Managed Server users, we offer the choice of DirectAdmin or cPanel as your preferred control panel. cPanel offers simplified website and server management. Our customers can create websites and domains in a few clicks, launch and manage email networks, and manage and store web files. The cPanel control panel is easy to use for beginners and power-packed for experts.

For more information, visit partners.cpanel.net.

Meet Our Partner - LiteSpeed

We partner with LiteSpeed, an incredibly fast web server, to supercharge your website. Their unbeatable performance provides your website with lightning-fast loading speeds, which also increases your Google SEO ranking. Additionally, we can offer our customers premium services with our custom cache plugin that can be installed on WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and other popular web apps.

For more information on LiteSpeed, visit litespeedtech.com.

Meet Our Partner - CloudLinux OS

Our operating system of choice is CloudLinux OS. Their stability, security and performance make them the perfect fit for our shared hosting services. CloudLinux OS reduces churn, increases density, prevents resource spikes and improves security by isolating each tenant. Thanks to CloudLinux OS, you won’t be affected by your neighbours who share the same server.

For more information on CloudLinux OS, visit cloudlinux.com.

Meet Our Partner - JetApps

For customers using the DirectAdmin control panel, our backups are completed using JetBackup backup software, supplied by our partner JetApps. Our backup retention period is monthly (6 months), weekly (4 weeks), daily (7 days) and hourly (24 hours). We utilise JetBackup for DirectAdmin only, as Acronis isn’t supported at this time.

For more information on JetApps, visit jetapps.com.

Meet Our Partner - Acronis

For customers using the cPanel control panel, our backups are completed using Acronis backup technology. Our backup retention period is monthly (6 months), weekly (4 weeks), daily (7 days) and hourly (24 hours). We will be using Acronis for DirectAdmin as soon as it is supported by the control panel.

For more information on Acronis, visit acronis.com.

Meet Our Partner - DreamGuard

We use DreamGuard to scan every file uploaded and sent from our server. DreamGuard is a powerful scanner that protects your server from malware, injections and other attacks with intelligent threat detection, symbolic link, binary threats and suspicious pattern recognition. With advanced intrusion prevention and security tools, we can stop hackers from accessing your server and provide real-time protection from threats.

For more information on DreamGuard, visit opsshield.com.

Meet Our Partner - Elastic Sites

We partner with Elastic Sites for cloud hosting website solutions. Elastic Sites provides an alternative to a VPS that offers a high level of resources without the management hassles of a VPS. It allows our customers to easily upgrade their resources to suit their needs.

For more information on Elastic Sites, visit elasticsites.com.

Meet Our Partner - Softaculous

Our partner, Softaculous, is the leading auto-installer for DirectAdmin and cPanel. With over 400 apps to choose from, you will be able to start working on your website right away! Install popular web apps such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop and many more in just one click! Thanks to Softaculous, you can focus on using apps rather than spending time installing them!

For more information on Softaculous, visit softaculous.com.

Meet Our Partner - WHMCS

DreamIT Host is an official WHMCS Partner! We highly recommend this platform for our resellers, design agencies and SEO/marketing providers. With WHMCS, you can simplify and automate daily tasks and operations, saving you and your business hours every week. Plus, DreamIT Host customers save up to 30% on WHMCS!

For more information on WHMCS, visit whmcs.com.

Meet Our Partner - Ransom IT

RansomIT is our networking partner. They are a hosting specialist for VPS, Dedicated Servers and Colocation in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

For more information on RansomIT, visit ransomit.com.au.

Meet Our Partner - OVH

OVH is our networking partner. Founded in 1999, OVH is a French company with an international presence, based on a backbone of data centres and points of presence spread across the globe. They are committed to creating an open, reliable and trusted cloud.

For more information on OVH, visit ovh.com.au.


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