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How To Do A Full cPanel Account Backup

It’s important to regularly backup your data. We recommend completing a full cPanel account backup every month.

Ready to get started? Follow our simple steps below.

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.

  2. Under the Files section, click on Backup Wizard.

  3. Under Step 1, click Back Up.

  4. Under Step 2, click Full Backup.

  5. Under Step 3, you can choose to receive an email notification when the backup process is completed.
    To opt in: Enter your Email Address that you want the notification sent to.
    To opt out: Select ‘Do not send email notification of backup completion’.
    Then click Generate Backup.

  6. You will see that your backup is in progress. Now click Go Back.
    (This will take you back to the Step 3 download page.)

  7. There will be a new section called ‘Backups Available for Download’.
    Please note: If the text [inprogress] is present, the backup has not finished generating.

  8. Once the backup has completed generating, click on the backup and it will start the download process.