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How to Create Email Accounts in DirectAdmin

Aug 04, 2021

How to Create Email Accounts in DirectAdmin

Follow these steps to create email accounts in DirectAdmin:


1. Log in to your Direct Admin Control Panel. For instructions on how to log in to DirectAdmin, please click here.


2. Once logged in, under E-mail Manager, click E-mail Accounts. Alternatively, you can enter ‘E-mail Accounts’ in the search bar at the top of the page.

Screenshot: Search Bar at the Top of the Control Panel
Screenshot: E-mail Manager Section of the Control Panel


3. Click the Create Account button.

Screenshot: 'Create Account' Button


4. Enter the parameters for your email accounts.

Username: The name of the email address. Please note: The domain name is already prefilled.
Password: It must be at least 9 characters long and contain a lowercase letter, uppercase letter and number.
E-mail Quota (MB): This is the email storage for the account, by default it is set to 50.
Send Limit: The number of emails this account can send per hour. Please note: This does not override the “Emails per Hour” that was specified in your plan.

Once the details have been entered, click the Create Account button.

Screenshot: Form to Create Email Accounts (Username, Password, E-mail Quota and Send Limit)
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