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How to Create a PHP Info File in DirectAdmin

Oct 27, 2021

How to Create a PHP Info File in DirectAdmin

The info.php file is a good way to verify your PHP settings. Once created, you can access this page online to view the current PHP settings enabled for your website.

Follow these steps to create a PHP Info file in DirectAdmin:


1. Log in to your DirectAdmin account. For instructions on how to log in to your DirectAdmin account, please click here

2. Once logged in, under System Info & Files, click on the File Manager icon.Screenshot: System Info & Files Section in DirectAdmin 

3. Go to the public_html folder directory. (In this example, the domain name is example1.com.)Screenshot: public_html Folder Directory 

4. You will need to create a new file. Click the [+] NEW button on the top left-hand side of the screen. Hover over Text File, then click Plain Text.Screenshot: [+] NEW Drop-Down List 

5. Name the file “info.php”, then click the CREATE button.Screenshot: Create File Form 

6. Now that you have created the file, right-click on the file, then click Edit.Screenshot: Right-Click Drop-Down List of info.php File 

7. When the page opens up, enter the following, then click Save.Screenshot: Edit  

Now that this file has been created, you can access the file to view your PHP settings.

You would type in “yourdomainname/info.php” into your web browser.

As per our example, you would type in “example1.com/info.php”.
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