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How to Change Your Catch-All Email Address in DirectAdmin

Jan 19, 2022

How to Change Your Catch-All Email Address in DirectAdmin

In DirectAdmin, there will be a system-generated default email address that cannot be modified. This default email address will automatically be set as your Catch-All Email Address, which will capture system email messages and email messages of non-existent email addresses.

For example: Let’s say your system default address is exam@example.com. If someone sends an email to the address admin@example.com but this email address has not been created/does not exist, then the email will be delivered to exam@example.com instead.

You may be unable to modify the system default address, but you can set the Catch-All Email Address to another address within your account.

Follow these simple steps to change your Catch-All Email Address in DirectAdmin:

1. Log in to your DirectAdmin account. For instructions on how to log in to your DirectAdmin account, please click here.

2. Create the new email address that you wish to designate as the new Catch-All Email Address. (If you already have an existing email address, you may skip this step.) For instructions on how to create new email addresses in DirectAdmin, please click here.

3. Within your DirectAdmin control panel, under Advanced Features, click on the Catch-All E-mail icon. Advanced Features Section of DirectAdmin Control Panel

4. The Catch-All settings will appear so you can choose to:
  • Notify the sender that the email address does not exist. Drop and ignore the email completely. Set a different email address.
  • Set Catch-All Email Address Settings Form

    5. To set a different email address, select the radio button in the Address section, enter your preferred Catch-All Email Address and click Save. Setting a New Catch-All Email Address Using the Set Catch-All Email Settings Form

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