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Email Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Nov 17, 2021

Email Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) 

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) focuses on sending emails to your subscriber list that will build relationships and increase overall sales. There are different types of email marketing that you can send. Email newsletters are a great way to keep your audience up to date with your business. Promotional emails are best during sale periods to help drive sales. Retention emails give your audience an incentive to stay active with your brand.

When creating your EDMs, it’s crucial to ensure the content is mobile-friendly. Most users will have an email client on their mobile so it’s expected that your EDM will also be viewed on mobile. Review the desktop and mobile layout, copy, images, and test all buttons before pressing ‘Send’! Limit yourself to one email per week. You don’t want to spam your subscribers with too many emails because that will likely result in them unsubscribing.

It’s essential to send EDMs from a business email. It guarantees that your customers will trust you as a sender. You don’t want your emails ending up in their junk inbox! For quality Australian domain and email hosting, DreamIT Host has scalable plans for small to large businesses. Even if your website is already live and you’re looking at just hosting emails, DreamIT Host will have the perfect plan to suit your needs.


Types of Email Marketing

Welcome Email

Welcome emails are used to help engage customers by making them feel like they are part of the company. The customer feels welcomed and informed about their future with the company. Additionally, welcome emails have a higher open rate than most emails, making them a useful email marketing strategy. Now is the time to tell your new subscriber about your company, say thank you, and maybe even include a little gift. Depending on the type of business you have, this small gift could be a promotional code or an incentive to revisit your website.

Promotional Emails

We’re all familiar with this type of email marketing strategy but we need to be careful with how we use it. Selling is not just about pitching products or services to customers, it can also be about understanding their needs and communicating with them in an appropriate manner. Companies are beginning to realise this because they are receiving ever-increasing amounts of complaints from consumers who have received unwanted emails that advertise the company’s latest sale, product, or service.

Consider creating two separate subscriber lists — one list with all customers and a second list with customers who have opted in for marketing emails. This way you can send promotional emails to your marketing list only. Furthermore, this is a great way to improve customer retention.

Post-Purchase Email

Once the consumer has made a purchase, they are usually bombarded with tons of emails about new products, discounts, and coupons. When this happens, it can be overwhelming to try and wade through all the different things that are being offered to them.

Instead of feeling like they are being spammed by these emails, post-purchase emails should help the consumer feel satisfied with their purchase. Utilise this type of email to provide tips on how to use the product or clean/care for the product. These follow up emails continue to deliver value to the customer’s purchase and build trust.



Do you wonder how to keep your email subscribers entertained and engaged? Newsletters are an effective way of communicating with your audience. It gives you the opportunity to be more personal than sending a generic message. The key to an effective newsletter is to strike the perfect balance between information and entertainment. Carefully consider what information your readers want to know about.

A newsletter can be used for many things, such as announcing new products, sharing company news, or keeping customers up to date on events and promotions. By establishing a regular email newsletter, you can create a relationship with your customers by staying on top of updates, changes and giving them what they want.

Seasonal Emails

Be ready to wish your customers a Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, Happy Valentine’s Day and more! Consider which holidays are relevant to your customer base and use them to drive engagement. During these times of the year, customers are preparing to spend money so it’s important to make sure that your email entices them to buy from you instead of your competitors.

Plan your seasonal promotion ahead of time. What will the sale/promotion be? When will it start/end? How could it relate to the holiday you are referencing? What calls to action will influence your customers to make a purchase? Including the “Buy Now” or “Order Now” buttons are a good way to direct customers to your website.


Best Email Hosting for Small Businesses

Now that you know how to tackle your email marketing, you will need a trusted email hosting provider to supply your professional business emails. There are many options for hosting your email these days and a couple of things that you need to consider. You need to know what kind of business you have, how much storage space you need, and how many email accounts you require.

Luckily, DreamIT Host offers scalable plans to suit everyone’s business needs. Our plans range from 15GB to 200GB RAID Storage and from 5 to Unlimited Email Accounts. To improve your business emails, all plans include Premium Inbound and Outbound Relay, Daily Backups, Email Archives, and a Premium Webmail Client.

DreamIT Host is proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated email host with servers in Melbourne and Sydney and a Melbourne-based support team. If you’re looking for the best email hosting in Australia, look no further than DreamIT Host.


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