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Email Hosting From Australia

Email Hosting From Australia

Many might not be clear on what email hosting actually means. It is actually a particular service which helps in running email servers. In simple terms, if you have a domain name and are in need of an email service to work on that domain name, then you will have to sign up for an email hosting service. You can get the best Email Hosting Australia Reviews Netherlands, Germany, and many more such places.

Why Use Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a critical part of any enterprise and it delivers a variety of benefits which go beyond that of just simple messaging. Here are some benefits of it:

Making a brand image

Free email services are well suited for people who occasionally need these services, but businesses will surely need something more robust. Using a hosted email service will convey professionalism and also help build brand trust among potential customers.It will also allow users to leverage branding and specialized IDs so that the company’s name gets prominently featured. This will result in more promotion for the company and will instill faith in customers that they are working with a very well established business.

Email Hosting From Australia

Email Hosting From Australia

With data theft occurring on the regular, data protection is a major priority in every industry. Users who utilize emails to convey sensitive data are in special want of it, especially since malicious and unauthorized users are finding new ways to steal data everyday. Boosted security is the need of the hour so that Domain And Email Hosting Australia company information and resources remain protected. Hosted email contains firewall protection, SSL encryption, HTTPS secure connections and more so that unauthorized users are kept out.

Lots of inbox space

Inbox fills up quickly for everyone, but there is also the question of deciding between deleting important information, storing that data elsewhere or doing something else to ensure your important emails stay easily accessible as well as safe. In hosted email services you will get to put this problem to rest since inbox space can be increased in demand. Just contact your provider to increase the space. This will ensure that all those files remain safe.

Types of Hosted Emails
  • Web-Based Email

This is the type of email which most users are familiar with. Free email providers host their servers as this. Here, users can log in their email server using a Internet browser to receive or send their mail. It is especially useful for people who are always travelling since they can check their mail from anywhere. The only requirement is to have working internet connection.

  • POP3 Email Servers

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol and it is also a commonly used email server. It is generally used by ISPs who give users email accounts with their Internet service. These servers store incoming email messages in a remote server till a user opens up an email client software to check on his email. After this, messages are retrieved from the server and transferred to the destination computer before being deleted off the server so that there’s more space for new incoming messages.

  • IMAP Email Servers

IMAP is called Internet Message Access Protocol. It is an alternative to the POP3 email server and is very often used by business accounts. Its benefit is that it allows users to delete, preview as well as organize emails before they are transferred from the email server to their respective computers. The IMAP server leaves copies of the mail on the server till the user comes to the final decision to delete them.

  • SMTP Email Servers

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and its servers work alongside of other mail servers like IMAP or POP3. This server is in charge of handling emails which users send out from the email clients.

Email Hosting From Australia

Where can you get this service?

If you are asking about a location, then you can get the best Email Hosting For Small Business Australia, Japan or any country you belong from. Generally, most of the web hosting companies themselves provide email hosting too, but these companies also only offer POP3 email along with the basics which include virus/spam protection. Moreover, some of these free email hosting providers are ad-enabled and supported. Ad-supported services are generally disruptive and there are always chances of unwanted pop up ads popping up. It is advisable to not use your business email using one of these providers since the email service is really sub-par compared to any professional email hosting service.

Why using professional email hosting is advisable?

It will give you peace of mind and you will be able to focus on your business as the email hosting service will manage your email service. You can get the Website And Email Hosting Australia. Here are some benefits of using a professional email hosting service:

  • Most email hosting service providers offer a very rich set of webmail features which include unlimited forwarders, unlimited aliases, large attachments, auto-responders, really good virus or spam protection, IMAP/POP3, calendars, online storage, whitelists, blacklists, folder management, archiving and much more. All these features will allow you to operate your business with ease and you will also be able to access your email using webmail, outlook and mobile from anywhere
  • It is also a very affordable.
  • It also removes the need for having in house email servers along with IT personnel to manage them.

How can you choose which is the best?

To choose which one is the best suited for you, opt for the free trails of various email hosting providers. Choosing a reliable email hosting service in Australia like DreamIT host will ensure proper security of your site. You will also enjoy faster speeds, greater storage space, get to choose what plan is right for you and a lot more.

A reliable email hosting provider will make your job easier and some of the best email hosting Australian services provides something unique for its users. So carry out your research, read the reviews, talk to people who have availed various types of services to choose the best one for you.

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