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Cheap Email Hosting Australia

Cheap Email Hosting Australia

Information on web hosting is very much cluttered all over the internet. People have often come across a lot of words like Email Hosting and Web Hosting. If you do not have a clear idea about these two web hosting this article will help you get a clear picture of the two hosting and make you understand which hosting you should go with. Not a lot of people have any kind of idea about hosting because they are just starting off their website.

This article will help users get a clear understanding of hosting and the difference between email hosting and web hosting. The web hosting is basically involved with all the website files being stored or more than one servers or computers whereas email hosting refers to email data storage. People get confused when a company ends up mixing both the names when they advertise their plans on different Best Email Hosting Australia websites.

Definition and Difference

The web host is basically responsible for the webpage if any guest types your domain name on the internet in any internet browser. In case of an email host, the server is owned by the customer from which all the data are being fetched when someone sends an email to People have started confusing both web hosting and email hosting because the line between both is getting narrow.

Cheap Email Hosting Australia

Cheap Email Hosting Australia

The reason this is getting narrow is that all the web hosting companies are offering combo packages that include free hosting for email accounts with purchase of any kind of web hosting plans. The roles behind all the scenes are very much straight forward.

  • Domain Hosting– It is a service which is provided by the company which basically determines the name which is being given to the website. Users will need to register the name in any of the domain registers and the domain to be online users will also have to purchase hosting along with it. A lot of Email Hosting Australia Reviews of companies are available on the internet which provides both the services and also provides discounts with it.
  • Email Hosting- This is basically a service where all the emails that are sent to the user will be stored in the servers. Users have the benefit of saving all the emails and all the content available on the website in the same server saving a lot of money and also making the website much more efficient. Users can also use two different servers for web hosting and email hosting. This will result in an increase of the money spend on websites by the customer.
  • Web hosting- It is basically a service which is provided by the website so that all the websites are able to be live on the internet. All the contents of the web are generally shared on a server.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service which is provided by different companies all across the world so that users are able to enjoy the website they build online. There is a lot of Cheapest Email Hosting Australia companies available on the internet who rent out servers so that their customers are able to enjoy different services. These servers are designed in such a way that they are responsible for handling all the sending and receiving of emails. A lot of people might end up thinking about the free webmail sites are email hosting but this is not true. Yahoo and Google are not email hosting companies.

In simple words with email hosting all users do is rent out space for themselves so that they are able to store their emails there. Email hosting does not do anything more than this.

With the email hosting, all the email will be received by the company directly and the email will not have to go through any of the free webmail websites. All the clients will require to connect their domain name which is registered email servers. The user will also get the advantage of using unique names for different email users. The server which is used for email hosting is also very much unique in nature. This server will not cater to other customers. Best Email Hosting For Small Business Australia server will dedicate all its resources towards the one account. If the customer is unable to work on the current server then there is always an option of scaling up and sharing content on multiple servers.

What is Web Hosting?

The main function of a web hosting is to publish a website with help of a server. There is a huge difference between just hosting the emails and storing it and actually keeping the website live on the internet. In the case of web hosting the company keep the data public for other people to see but with email hosting the company keeps the data safe and secured from the public. It is totally up to the server to decide how they will cater to all the audience and the different websites in Australia.

Cheap Email Hosting Australia

The web hosting can be scaled up very easily with thehelp of the service provider. It is important to know that users will have the advantage of using numerous amounts of websites with help of the plan they choose from the hosting company. If the client ends up getting a huge amount of traffic in their website, then it is recommended for the clients to take up those plans from the hosting server which can handle a lot of traffic on a day to day basis. If the traffic goes out of hand it is recommended for the users to go for the dedicated hosting so that they are able to enjoy more speed along with more data space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The first question that everyone in the global market is asking is whether they should host both the web hosting and the email hosting in the same server. The answer is quite simple. Both web hosting and email hosting rely on servers so that they are able to store all their data. If companies use different servers then they will end up managing both of them but with one server, all the companies will be able to store their data at the same place. Now a day most of the companies are using their own set of servers because this is the only way they are able to keep all their data in a much more secure

Most of the Domain And Email Hosting Australia companies selling web and email hosting dedicate space for both of them, separately on the servers which at times could be a negative point. This is the only time it is recommended for the users to a get a different server for web hosting and different for email hosting. Since most of the companies are struggling in maintaining two servers for web hosting and email hosting it is recommended for the users to go for all the latest combo packages which are offered by different hosting companies with both email hosting and web hosting.

  • The second question that comes to the mind of the people is why should they keep both email hosting and web hosting in the same server. The answer to this question is also very much simple. Users can keep both the data in one server because this would make the server plan much more affordable and users will also won’t have to switch from one server to another. Keeping both the data on the same server also helps during all kinds of updates which are available in the market. Keeping both the data in the same place makes the payment also very much convenient. It also requires less amount of people to supervise all the servers. If you are on a budget, then it is recommended for you to buy one server and then use it to store both web hosting and email hosting. If you are looking for a Web And Email Hosting Australia, then this is the solution for you.

There is only one problem when it comes to speed and time. There could be times that the speed of the server ends up getting slow because both the web and the email hosting is sharing the same space. The speed also gets distributed into two ending up making the website slow.

The space allocated on the server might also end up being low at times and the problem of low memory will arise from there. The only way to solve this problem is by deleting all the old data which are not being used in the server. Data sacrifice is the only way out here.

  • The third and the last question which users ask very frequently is why should they buy separate servers. There is a lot of different answers to the question because not everyone of the users will require a server separate for web hosting and email hosting. Clients who will require an enormous amount of space for storing all kinds of data will only require to go for two servers. The two servers are very much efficient in nature because there is absolutely no chance of distribution of speed. People who are looking to keep their websites fast and have a lot of money and manpower to maintain two servers are recommended to use one server for web hosting and one for email hosting. Having separate servers makes everything much more efficient. If you are looking for Email Hosting Services in Australia, then this will not be a proper solution for you. With help of separate hosting the servers are never overloaded making the servers work smoothly at all times. All the big businesses whose entire business is generated online generally use this kind of servers.

Best Reseller Hosting Australia 

There are other types of web hosting available for market. If you are looking for cheap email hosting Australia, then you should always keep in mind that sharing a server is most effective. When you are sharing the server with other companies then you might end up saving a lot of money but if you are using a dedicated machine or server of your company or you are renting it out then you will have to end up paying a huge amount of money. People who are really into all the server maintenance can tell you what is the perfect server you should go for depending on the website you will be creating or maintaining. It is recommended for the users to use the shared server if they are just starting off their business because by this way they will be able to end up saving a huge amount of money and grow their business on a budget.

If you are looking to get online space for yourself or for your company, then the Website And Email Hosting Australia is just the solution to all your problems. The Dream IT consists of several features which are very much useful while setting up and maintain a website. The features that are being offered by Dream IT are Free URL Redirection, Free Aussie Support, Free ID Protection and also Free Email Forwarding. All these features will come in very much handy and if you are just starting your business it will help you learn how to build and maintain your own website. The cPanel which is used by Dream IT is the latest version

Which has solved all the different types of glitches were there in the previous generation. All the servers are powered by Intel making them very much reliable in the long run. Even if there is a sudden growth in traffic on the website this Dream IT hosting will be able to take care of it. There are a lot of new technologies which are being used by the hosting company which makes browsing much faster and fun. The support of the hosting is very much up to date. The team working on the support is highly efficient and is always ready to answer all the questions that are there in the minds of the people at all times.

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