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Boost Your Website’s Speed with a CDN

Boost Your Website’s Speed with a CDN

Proper search engine optimisation helps to elevate a business website to the top page of search results for related keywords. And having a professional looking website that has a lot of information can help to retain the people who do find your website through Google or another search engine.

The problem arises when your website runs slowly. Such an issue is especially relevant for businesses that may be based in Australia, but attract site visitors and potential customers from around the world.

DreamIT Host – the best Australian web host – can resolve this issue for website owners with our CDN plans that offer lightning-fast performance around the world.


What is a CDN?

A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, helps to speed up the loading of your website by bringing your content closer to your users. The speed improvements are most significant for people visiting your website from around the world.

Rather than a visitor from North America waiting for your website to load through Australian hosting servers, the CDN ensures your content is served from a location near to that person. This minimises latency and maximises performance.

Even if you are already receiving one of the high-end web hosting plans from DreamIT Host, a CDN add-on will improve website speed further for many visitors. Fast web hosting with a CDN can result in bette retention and improved conversion rates.


Australia’s Best CDN

The DreamIT Host CDN is the fastest Australian CDN with a presence in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, as well as 30 overseas locations.

Our CDN plans are available in three different packages. Our Essentials CDN is less than $3 per month for your first invoice and includes most of our top features for the service.

Customers have access to CMS integration, 35 Points of Presence to improve speeds for worldwide website visitors, free setup, 30ms global latency, and rapid SSD servers. The only differences in each plan are the bandwidth totals.

Essentials CDN customers receive 30GB bandwidth, while Economy CDN is less than $6 per month for your first invoice and includes 100GB bandwidth. Customers who need the most bandwidth can access up to 300GB per month with our Business CDN plan, which costs less than $12 per month for your first invoice.


Maintain Global Relevance

DreamIT Host is the ideal web hosting provider for Australian companies, as our servers are based in the country. Anyone in Australia who opens up your website should have a very fast experience.

A CDN ensures that visitors from every continent can enjoy the same experience. Our CDN service places a copy of your website on CDN servers all over Australia and on six other continents. Given our CDN easily integrates with the major Content Management Systems, setup is a breeze too!


Real World Speed Improvement

Many business owners read information about how certain services improve website speed, but they are not sure how those improvements translate to real world outcomes.

DreamIT Host compared website loading times for websites on our regular web hosting plans versus websites that incorporate the DreamIT Host CDN. The test loading time for a site on our regular plan was roughly 2.5 seconds, while the DreamIT Host CDN speed was 0.7 seconds.

An improvement of nearly two seconds is invaluable to business owners, given the impatience of most people when they are searching for products and services online. Additionally, as of May 2021, Page Experience, which involves your website’s loading and interactivity time, will also be a factor in your Google Search Rank. An even better reason to consider adding a CDN to your web hosting service.


35 Points of Presence

The DreamIT Host CDN operates one of the fastest networks with 35 Points of Presence worldwide to eliminate any bottlenecks that may otherwise cause your website to load slowly for visitors. Our 35 Points of Presence are listed below:

Australia – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Asia & Oceania – Auckland, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Israel, Mumbai, New Delhi, Seoul, Singapore (2), Tokyo

North America – Atlanta, Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York City, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver

South America – São Paulo, Santiago

Europe – Amsterdam, Athens, Bucharest, Bratislava, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Krasnoyarsk, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Vilnius, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich

Middle East – Dubai

Africa – Johannesburg, Lagos


For the fastest web hosting in Australia, invest in a monthly CDN plan from DreamIT Host.


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