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Refer your customers, family and friends!


Whether you’re a current customer or not. You’ll be able to earn a commission by referring your customers to our hosting service. Earn up to 25% uncapped commissions from any referred service.

  • Uncapped Commissions
  • Fast Migrations In 4 Hours
  • Don’t Need An Existing Service
  • Free To Get Started
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Ongoing Commision

Our affiliate program is great for website, graphic and design agencies. By referring your clients, family or friends. You’ll be able to refer as many people as you like while enjoying a 25% recurring commission. We can organise a payout as a credit on your invoice or bank transfer.

Example 1

Example 1

Referring 1 Web Economy Web Hosting earns you $2.49 /per month

Example 3

Example 3

Referring 5 Economy Web Hosting & 8 Business Web Hosting earns you $52.34 /per month

Example 2

Example 2

Referring 4 Startup Web Hosting, 5 Economy Web Hosting & 2 Business Web Hosting earns you $25.36 /per month

We can organise a payout via account credit, PayPal or Bank Transfer. PayPal & Bank Transfers require a minimum $100 transfer.

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Exceptional Support

Our 100% Australian based Support & Sales team are available to provide assistance or answer any questions from you or your referrals.
We can also organise a website migration in less than 4 business hours.

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Get Started & Register Now

Once you register for a My DreamIT account. You’ll be able to access the affiliate area where you can generate personalized links.

By sharing that link, all sales within 30 days will be allocated to you automatically. You can post these links anywhere, such as Facebook, WordPress Blog or even Business Card!

Ready to become an Affiliate?

Register online and start earning a commission for your clients today. Share with your family & friends!

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